Meet Cosette Gibson-Pfaff, Founder and Chief Results Officer

“Enjoy the fruits of your labor and laboring each day.”

Described by others as “the energizer bunny on steroids” and “twin turbo engines on her feet,” Cosette’s ultimate objective is to provide clients with custom sales performance systems, trainings, and sales process interventions that catapult their results to new heights

Executive Coach and Your Performance-Driven Leader and Guide

An award-winning business owner named 2010 Home-Based Business Champion of the Year, Cosette is an accomplished professional with a 25-year pattern of results to her credit. Among her proudest results to date, she:

  • Led and started a true cold start-up company, growing the business from $0 to over $400,000 in less than 18 months during the Great Recession of 2008.
  • Launched an award-winning marketing plan that earned five coveted government contracts, while initiating and leading the development of a sales engineering department that decreased operating costs by 33%
  • Went above and beyond the call of duty to initiate new and innovative approaches to securing new business that resulted in millions of dollars in sales for companies ranging from Stanley-Bostich, Trotter & Morton Facilities Services of Washington, Puget Sound Refrigeration, and Eschelon Telecom.
  • Coached and mentored dozens of businesses and owners in the entrepreneurship curriculum she created for the newly founded (June, 2010) South Sound Regional Incubator as its executive director. Empowering others with the essential skills of sales, customer service, time management and negotiation is opening big doors to productive lead generation, new customer acquisitions, and more for those who act on her road-tested and proven advice.
  • Is giving people greater control over their prosperity at a time when it is much needed.
  • She earned both her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Economics from The University of Idaho.

Guiding You to Excel, Stand Out and Sell To Win

Cosette’s focused path to excel, stand out, and sell to win is one she’s traveled all her life.  As a fourth grader, she once sold enough Campfire Mints to earn a free ride to Campfire Camp.  So remarkable were her sales results that Cosette was invited to train her troop members in the details of her successful selling methods.  Not long after that, she competed with her brother to find out who could deliver newspapers and collect subscription fees fastest.  At the end of that race, the prize of a shiny new Schwinn bicycle was hers.

Paying It Forward

Paying it forward to support the success of others is an ongoing priority.  Cosette contributes time and talent to the Bellevue Kiros Board of Directors, Referral Unlimited Board of Directors, and Women’s Resources Board of Directors, KIROS Tacoma Chapter, the Student Mentor Programs at Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Pacific Lutheran University, and more.  She served on the board and as a member of the Seattle Executives Association for a number of years.

Cosette’s Life and Adventures Beyond the Office

Happily married to her high school sweetheart, Cosette loves to work and play.  A self-described risk-taker who is fearless about pushing limits, Cosette was one of the first women to pass the physical tests to become a smoke jumper.  An avid and disciplined runner since age 17, she has crossed the finish line for over 100 half marathons to date and trains daily with her two yellow labs to enhance each race performance still to come.  She enjoys climbing, hiking, golf and enjoying limitless views while navigating her hot pink kayak along the Puget Sound and other waterways here and beyond.  She quips, “Have pink kayak –will travel to experience new views and bolder adventures.”

Always systematic and focused on winning results, Cosette continues to improve her race times to reach new heights of performance. That is why clients trust her to guide them to welcome better performance in their businesses with her sales training and performance coaching fueling their progress..